Are you getting the urge to make some major changes around your home? Stop and think before you dive right in. First, consider small changes you can make to improve your home before ripping apart every room in your house. Take on a few smaller projects first to get your feet wet, so that you can start sprucing up your space without getting a headache.

Switch Cabinetry Hardware

If your kitchen or bathroom could use an update, start by purchasing new hardware for your drawers and cabinet doors. Investing in new pulls will cost only a fraction of the amount that new cabinetry would set you back. You can pick nearly any style and finish that you’d like. As long as you take the time to measure well, installing new cabinet hardware can be a quick process that requires only a drill and a few other tools.

Resource: Hey There, Home

Improve Your Storage

Upgrading your storage systems isn’t the kind of renovation that guests will notice right away, but you’ll enjoy the benefits of this update every day. Consider installing roll-out sliders in your kitchen cabinets so you can more easily see the items stored toward the back. Another option is to install a modular shelving system in your bedroom closet. This can help you make good use of nearly every inch of closet space.

Install Crown Molding

Decorative trim at the top of the wall is known as crown molding, and it can really elevate the overall look of your room. Crown molding is typically made of wood that must be nailed in place, and lining up the corner edges can be tricky. Foam crown molding is an affordable alternative. You can even glue it in place. Just remember that it’s easiest to paint crown molding before you hang it.

Resource: The Craft Patch

Redo the Wallpaper

If you’re ready for a new view in your favorite rooms, it may be time to put up some patterned wallpaper. Purchasing new wallpaper is relatively inexpensive, and it can entirely transform the look of your room. These days, removable varieties make this an easier process than ever before. When you’re ready to switch out the look again, the paper will peel right off the wall, and you may even be able to save it for a second use.

Resource: JC Wiley

These home renovations are quick, easy and affordable. In just a single weekend, you can accomplish one of these low-stress home renovation projects.

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