If your parent plans to stay in their home or is interested in downsizing but not interested in moving to a senior-specific facility, then renovations to make their lives easier and safer can go a long way towards maintaining their independence. Here are a few reasons why convincing your aging parents to remodel their house is probably a good idea.

To Remove Hazardous Materials

According to Rochester Real Estate, you should be sure to have the home checked out for any hazardous materials or conditions, such as asbestos or mold, especially if they’re planning on selling it. If your parent has to move to an assisted living facility quickly, remediating conditions like asbestos or mold could severely impact the asking price. In addition, make sure the HVAC and electrical supply systems are up to snuff. Your parents may ultimately need a shower or tub lift or even a staircase lift. To make sure that this addition doesn’t overload the existing electrical, have a professional assess the current power options and update as needed so you and your parent can make these additions.

For Independence

Bathing is one of the most dangerous things a senior can do. Cooking can also be hazardous. Update under-counter kitchen lighting to make sure your parents can see exactly what they’re doing with hot pans and sharp tools. Install non-slip flooring throughout the house. It only takes one slip and fall, burn, or error with a knife to make it hard for your loved one to stay independent in their home. According to Assisted Living Center, if your parents or other senior loved ones have difficulties with mobility and will be living at home (aging in place), then making some home modifications may help them continue their independence. Modify the space to make everyday activities safer.

Get Everything on One Level

Using a staircase daily is, in fact, a great way to stay in shape. However, one stumble with a laundry basket may mean that your parents can’t get to a shower in their current home. If all of the beds and bathing areas are on the second floor, it may be time to look for different housing. Another option is to add a home elevator. Do not wait until after your parent suffers an injury to find out what it will take to put such a tool in. If your parent insists on staying in their own home, get started on this project immediately or their current home may become unlivable in a heartbeat.

Aging in place can be made easier and safer with a home renovation. Simple tools like non-slip flooring, grab bars and motion detector lights that come on as you enter the room can all help your parents live in a safer environment. If you or your parents need help remodeling a home, contact us for an estimate!