Renovating your home can help you to improve your space and create your ideal environment. However, many projects can take a long time to complete. It may be more manageable to start on some projects you can get done in a weekend.

Paint Your Living Room

The color of your living room walls can make a big difference in the way your room looks and feels. Fortunately, painting your living room is something you can easily do in one weekend. When painting, it’s important that you take time to prep the room first. Start by cleaning the walls and repairing any existing cracks or holes. Once the walls are clean, tape off the trim, molding, etc. so you don’t get paint anywhere you don’t want it. You should also lay down tarps along the floor and cover or remove anything else in your living room. For best results, you may also want to use primer on your walls. This will create a smoother finish.  

Clean Up Your Yard

Your yard is what creates the first impression for your home. You want it to look nice and well-kept. Cleaning up your yard and landscaping can increase your home’s curb appeal. To get started, go through your yard and remove any debris including fallen tree branches and dead leaves. Once you’ve cleared away the unwanted elements, begin grooming your trees and bushes. Cut away any excess and try to trim them into uniform shapes. As you clean, you can also organize parts of your yard or make changes to how it is landscaped. For your final touches, you can add in elements like flowers, decorative items, and more.

Change Out Your Hardware

For something so small, the hardware in your home makes a big difference. If you want to make a major change this weekend, then you can start by buying some new hardware for your home. Replace the handles in your kitchen and bathroom to create a sleeker look. You can also change out the faucets as well. If you choose, you can change out all the doorknobs in your house. Keep in mind that it’s best to change all the doorknobs at once so they all match. Another way you can upgrade your home is by changing out light fixtures. However, if you choose to do this it is best to hire a professional.

Making a big change in your home doesn’t mean you need to put forth an extraordinary effort. There are plenty of simple projects you can knock out this weekend. Make a list of what improvements you want to make and start checking them off.

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