Kitchens are the workroom of the house, and from time to time, they need a facelift. Appliances become outdated, cabinet doors become worn and countertops begin to look distressed. Floors in the kitchen take a beating when it comes to wear and tear. Plumbing and electrical upgrades are also topics for consideration when it comes to a kitchen renovation.

Avoid Worse Repairs

When putting together a punch list for a kitchen renovation, think about the elements you can’t see as well as the ones you can. Plumbing and electrical systems should be examined to determine if they indicate potential problems. The most severe damage to your home can come from a faulty pipe or a wiring issue. Check the flooring to make sure it is firm. Upgrades should circumvent problems in this area down the road. Be sure to budget properly for these upgrades with estimates from a contractor.

Dealing With Pests

You can find many pests behind appliances and near food. Rats and insects such as ants and roaches can find their way to the kitchen area and infiltrate it because of the food stored there. When renovating, look for access from the outside so that you can plug any entry points. Be sure the storage areas are sealed from pests to deter their access to the food. Check pipe holes in the kitchen since these are among the usual suspects for conduits. Install appliances in such a way that they can be moved for cleaning around and under them.

Creating Storage

Kitchens never seem to have enough storage, so consider ways to create better use of kitchen space. Backsplash areas can be used to hang cooking utensils, spices, pots and pans. Consider placing a cabinet over your refrigerator. A rolling island can provide an added working surface as well as storage. If space allows, add a pantry. Place shelving over a window to create extra storage. Even the ceiling can be used to install a rack for hanging pots and pans.

A practical redo in the kitchen can save headaches down the line. Eliminating pest problems is a great reward in your food area. Making sure your electrical and plumbing systems are in good repair can save you from waking up to a nightmare. Extra storage is always an advantage in keeping a kitchen properly organized as well as making it efficient to cook in. Remodeling is also a practical time to replace worn-out flooring and outdated appliances.

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Staying in their house can be a priority for older homeowners. It is more comfortable for them to remain in their home, however there can also be challenges keeping it practical and safe. Having relatives to help out with things like basic care, food preparation, and home maintenance can make a big difference in their quality of life. Unfortunately, some homes just aren’t constructed with seniors in mind. Here are some common problem areas consider changing in order to make the home safer and more comfortable.


The risk of falling increases with age, as well as the severity of injuries that accompany the fall. Adding railing or bannister to at least one side of the stairs goes a long way towards fall prevention. According to Buy Railings, handrails have the added benefit of not only making the home safer, but also improving its overall value. Make sure to also keep stairs well lit and clear of any trip hazards like curled rugs. Multi-level homes come with the challenge of having amenities spread out between floors. If there are any particularly steep or long flights of stairs, ensure everything your senior family member needs is on the main floor so they do not have to frequent them.


When designing a senior-accessible bedroom, it’s important to keep in mind the logistics of the room, Assisted Living Center advises to keep the room free of clutter and to make sure the room is properly lit in order to prevent injury or potential problems. You may also need to switch the bed itself out for one that is more accessible for your elderly family member, meaning it should be easy for them to get in and out of bed on their own or with assistance. You want the bedroom to be comfortable, but safety and convenience are also a major priority. Consider the bedroom’s location in the home, and try to keep it adjacent or near a restroom, as well as make a senior-friendly fire escape plan for that room. 


The kitchen is typically a very busy and cluttered area of the home. To add to the confusion, your family member may be dealing with memory issues that make working in the kitchen a danger for them. If a gas stove is present, you can install a gas alarm that will go off if the gas isn’t turned off after cooking. You can also move important items to lower cabinets that are easier to reach.


The elderly typically have some trouble when it comes to navigating a bathroom. This has a lot to do with both the small size of the average bathroom as well as how the room is used. Maneuvering up and down for the toilet can be difficult. It can also be dangerous for them to get in and out of the bathtub. There are handles that can be installed near the toilet and inside the tub to help your family member get to where they need to be. Safe Step Walk-in Tub recommends placing non-slip bath mats as an added safety measure. If additional assistance is required, there are home health services that can help a person with their bathing needs a few times per week or more often if needed. 

Home renovations for your elderly family members don’t have to be expensive or involved. A few small changes can make a home much more accessible. When it comes down to your family member being able to stay in their home instead of moving into a nursing home, these renovations are great options.

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If your parent plans to stay in their home or is interested in downsizing but not interested in moving to a senior-specific facility, then renovations to make their lives easier and safer can go a long way towards maintaining their independence. Here are a few reasons why convincing your aging parents to remodel their house is probably a good idea.

To Remove Hazardous Materials

According to Rochester Real Estate, you should be sure to have the home checked out for any hazardous materials or conditions, such as asbestos or mold, especially if they’re planning on selling it. If your parent has to move to an assisted living facility quickly, remediating conditions like asbestos or mold could severely impact the asking price. In addition, make sure the HVAC and electrical supply systems are up to snuff. Your parents may ultimately need a shower or tub lift or even a staircase lift. To make sure that this addition doesn’t overload the existing electrical, have a professional assess the current power options and update as needed so you and your parent can make these additions.

For Independence

Bathing is one of the most dangerous things a senior can do. Cooking can also be hazardous. Update under-counter kitchen lighting to make sure your parents can see exactly what they’re doing with hot pans and sharp tools. Install non-slip flooring throughout the house. It only takes one slip and fall, burn, or error with a knife to make it hard for your loved one to stay independent in their home. According to Assisted Living Center, if your parents or other senior loved ones have difficulties with mobility and will be living at home (aging in place), then making some home modifications may help them continue their independence. Modify the space to make everyday activities safer.

Get Everything on One Level

Using a staircase daily is, in fact, a great way to stay in shape. However, one stumble with a laundry basket may mean that your parents can’t get to a shower in their current home. If all of the beds and bathing areas are on the second floor, it may be time to look for different housing. Another option is to add a home elevator. Do not wait until after your parent suffers an injury to find out what it will take to put such a tool in. If your parent insists on staying in their own home, get started on this project immediately or their current home may become unlivable in a heartbeat.

Aging in place can be made easier and safer with a home renovation. Simple tools like non-slip flooring, grab bars and motion detector lights that come on as you enter the room can all help your parents live in a safer environment. If you or your parents need help remodeling a home, contact us for an estimate!

Home renovations are often needed after a few decades once residential properties become old and outdated. Although they may require time and energy to complete, they can offer long-term results that create a comfortable and functional setting for the residents. Whether you’re considering remodeling a single room or an entire floor, there are many benefits renovations offer.

Increased Home Value

One of the main reasons to consider remodeling your residential property is due to the ROI that it offers. Although renovating any type of building can be costly, it will prove to be an investment that pays off in the future because it’s guaranteed to boost the value of the home. Newer materials, beautiful upgrades, and a more functional layout are guaranteed to make the home more desirable to potential buyers, which means selling it for a higher price in the future. Renovating the kitchen and bathrooms will prove to pay off more than other types of projects due to how frequently the rooms are used.

Improved Comfort and Safety

A higher level of comfort is available when renovating the home, which can improve the quality of the setting and how much use residents get out of it. You can make it customized to your needs to ensure it’s specific to your lifestyle and what you desire. Those living in and visiting your home have an unspoken expectation of safety regarding their experience there. Safety upgrades can be performed during the process, whether it includes installing security cameras or upgrading the electrical wiring.

Less Future Maintenance

Renovating your house may be a lot of work initially but will require less future maintenance in the future. You won’t have to worry about replacing old parts or broken materials because everything will be new and in excellent condition. It can become less stressful to maintain the property as a homeowner and can free up extra time in your schedule. Ultimately, this can also allow you to take advantage of additional savings without having to spend money on tools or materials at the hardware store throughout the year to maintain the property.

Understanding the benefits of renovations can allow you to move forward with your plans on improving the quality of your home with the help of professional contractors. You’ll not only transform the residential property but can also improve your family’s lifestyle due to the comfort and functionality provided in the space.

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Here’s How to Protect Yourself!

Water is one of the most powerful forces on earth, and it is also one of the most common reasons that people have to renovate their homes. Whether it comes to you through flooding or leaks, water can do untold damage to a home. And because water spreads fast and leads to mold and other problems, it’s important that you make repairs right away.


Flooding is an all too common reason that people have to renovate their homes. Overflowing rivers or big storms with lots of rainfall can cause flooding even in areas that aren’t normally prone to flooding. The truth is that it doesn’t matter how much water makes it into your house, even a little bit of flooding will require serious work.

When water enters a house, it can bring with it a host of other things, including bacteria, sewage and mud. Water spreads fast throughout a house and can be absorbed by drywall, carpet and other flooring materials. It’s important to remember that flood damage is different from regular water damage. Make sure that you have the right type of insurance so that you can renovate your house after flood damage.

Water Damage

Water damage comes from many sources, including rainstorms and snow. There are more reasons to repair a damaged roof than just water damage, but water damage is a huge reason why you may need to take on an unexpected renovation project. Most roofs aren’t completely waterproof, and that means that melting snow or rain can weaken your roofing, and water can eventually make its way into your attic or walls. If you’re not inspecting your roof regularly, then you could be in for some extensive renovations.

Water Leaks

Water leaks of all kinds can create the need for major home renovations. Anything from a leaking washing machine to a leaking pipe can damage large areas of your home. As stated above, water spreads quickly; one small leak in a pipe located in your bathroom wall, and you might find that you have to completely redo the drywall, tile, paint and flooring. Once you discover a leak, calling a water restoration expert is ideal because they have the necessary tools, like industrial-size fans, that can dry up water quickly.

Sadly, water is the most likely reason that you might have to renovate. Seeking professional help and having the right home and flood insurance can make taking care of the problem easier.

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Are you thinking of adding on to your home? You can make the most of your home improvement investment by choosing an addition that will boost your home’s market worth. Here are three great ideas for anyone looking to make their home a more beautiful and comfortable space while also increasing its overall value.

Living Space in the Basement

Adding usable living space to an existing basement area is a practical way to add value to your home. By keeping the space versatile, you will be able to adjust the area as the needs of your family change. Total Basement Finishing says that the most important parts of basement finishing are the walls, the ceiling, and the floors, which should all be waterproof and insulated. But beyond that, what you choose to do with your floor plan is up to you. A flexible space, such as a recreation area or media room, will give you a place to entertain guests more easily. A wet bar or mini-kitchen area will spare you from having to run upstairs all the time when you’re entertaining. Turning the basement into a guest bedroom is ideal if you often have out-of-town visitors, especially if you can add an en-suite bathroom to the bedroom.

Covered Patio

One of the easiest ways to increase the living space in your home is to bring it outdoors. As the outdoor-living-space concept continues to grow in popularity, more and more homeowners are looking outward when thinking about expanding and renovating. Adding a patio with a cover is an excellent way to extend the living area of your home to the outdoors. Best Vinyl explains that during the summer, there’s the heat of the day and the humidity of the evening that you and your guests have to contend with. Winter brings rain, moisture, and winds. An efficient cover can handle the challenges of all seasons, allowing you to spend more time outdoors connecting with Mother Nature and all your loved ones.

Family Room Extension

As the central gathering place in any home, the family room should be inviting and spacious enough to hold friends and family. Expanding your family room with an add-on will enable you to entertain more people at one time. According to Old House Online, it makes sense to invest your home improvement dollars in this room because it’s the most lived-in area in the home. An addition can make it possible to add a wet bar, gaming area, office space and more.

The possibilities are almost endless, and you can customize any addition to meet the personal preferences of your family. By carefully considering your home-addition options, you will surely find the selection that works best for your needs while increasing your home’s value. Eddy’s Floors and Home Remodeling has completed hundreds of flooring installations, kitchen and bathroom remodels and more. If you have a renovation project in mind, give us a call; we will come for a consultation and give you a free estimate.