The first time you saw your current home, you probably started a mental list of all the things that you wanted to change. Remodeling your home can be done all at once or in steps. This year you can tackle the kitchen, and next year, you can finish the basement. There is no rush to create your version of a dream home. When you take on a remodeling project, there will be disruptions in the house, but here are three ways to make it easier on yourself and your family.

Get Help

There are plenty of reality TV programs that show homeowners rolling up their sleeves to help with their remodels. There is nothing wrong with wanting to pitch in where you can, but that shouldn’t come at the expense of getting in the way. It can pay off to get qualified help for your remodel, and that starts with picking the right contractor for the job. The contractor is the person who is going to hire a crew, purchase materials, and make sure that your project is done to your specifications.

Store Your Furniture

Just about every remodeling project requires you to shift a lot of things around. It also means that your home is probably going to be full of dust. You can manage those two issues by storing your furniture. There are advantages to storing your furniture during a remodel project in your home. The first benefit is that you’ll project it from the floating debris that could make its way through the house. You’ll also eliminate the risk of the furniture getting damaged. Your furniture will be much safer in a storage unit than stacked in a pile in another room. The advantages of storing your furniture during a remodel project will be worth the extra effort.

Go on a Mini-Vacation

Your project could require that work crews show up early in the morning to your home for one to two weeks and potentially making a lot of noise. During a home remodeling project is the perfect time to take a mini-vacation. You could schedule to be away from home for the duration of the project or just take a little trip toward the end. When you return from your vacation, you’ll be walking into a new home. Your contractor can keep you updated on the progress with photos by text.

Once you’ve locked down your design and worked out a budget, the remodel just has to be carried out. By focusing on ways to make it easy on yourself, you will be helping the process along every step of the way.

Are you getting the urge to make some major changes around your home? Stop and think before you dive right in. First, consider small changes you can make to improve your home before ripping apart every room in your house. Take on a few smaller projects first to get your feet wet, so that you can start sprucing up your space without getting a headache.

Switch Cabinetry Hardware

If your kitchen or bathroom could use an update, start by purchasing new hardware for your drawers and cabinet doors. Investing in new pulls will cost only a fraction of the amount that new cabinetry would set you back. You can pick nearly any style and finish that you’d like. As long as you take the time to measure well, installing new cabinet hardware can be a quick process that requires only a drill and a few other tools.

Resource: Hey There, Home

Improve Your Storage

Upgrading your storage systems isn’t the kind of renovation that guests will notice right away, but you’ll enjoy the benefits of this update every day. Consider installing roll-out sliders in your kitchen cabinets so you can more easily see the items stored toward the back. Another option is to install a modular shelving system in your bedroom closet. This can help you make good use of nearly every inch of closet space.

Install Crown Molding

Decorative trim at the top of the wall is known as crown molding, and it can really elevate the overall look of your room. Crown molding is typically made of wood that must be nailed in place, and lining up the corner edges can be tricky. Foam crown molding is an affordable alternative. You can even glue it in place. Just remember that it’s easiest to paint crown molding before you hang it.

Resource: The Craft Patch

Redo the Wallpaper

If you’re ready for a new view in your favorite rooms, it may be time to put up some patterned wallpaper. Purchasing new wallpaper is relatively inexpensive, and it can entirely transform the look of your room. These days, removable varieties make this an easier process than ever before. When you’re ready to switch out the look again, the paper will peel right off the wall, and you may even be able to save it for a second use.

Resource: JC Wiley

These home renovations are quick, easy and affordable. In just a single weekend, you can accomplish one of these low-stress home renovation projects.

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You love your home. It is comfortable and cozy.

As you look around your living room, you think, “It’s time for a facelift.” You flip through some magazines, search online or see us on facebook and find some ideas that will work for you.

Now it’s time to take action.
Consider these impressive ways to spice up your living room.

Replace Your Flooring

One update with high impact is replacing the floors. There are some sensible choices you should consider. It also depends on what is common in your area. For example, if all of the homes in your area have upgraded to hardwood, but you haven’t, that’s generally not going to look very good if you want to sell one day.

Hardwoods have become quite popular in the southern U.S., and they add warmth to your space. Carpeting is widely used as well when you want a nice, soft, cozy feeling under your feet. Patch warns that many times carpet can be a wild card. If you are ever planning on selling, you should be prepared to replace it for resale, which can be expensive. Any of these choices would modernize your room and add value to your home.

The Power of Paint

Eddys Floors: Living Room Laminate

One of the changes to a room with the biggest impact is paint. Maybe you don’t want to change out your furniture, but changing your room color will make that furniture take on a completely different look. There is a misconception about dark versus light wall colors. Darker colors used in the right room can give a warm, cozy, and inviting feeling. House Painting Tutorials recommends adding an accent wall to add character to your room.

It’s worth noting that accent walls do not have to be solid-colored paint. There are any number of ideas for some real punch, so go ahead, and get imaginative. If you don’t like it, you can always paint over it!

Your home is your domain. Living with the same decor for years could eventually affect your mood. With so many ways to change the look of your living room without a big price tag, there’s no reason to live with an outdated room. Small changes can make a big impact and can add value to your home.

Facelift the Windows

You wouldn’t think that window treatments are that noticeable when updating a room. However, it is the least expensive way to update the windows yet can still add some pizzazz. Plantation shutters are also a good choice because this option is not decor specific. For a softer look, you can pair shutters with draperies.

More recently, motorized shades are in style. Some you can control with your smartphone, and you don’t even have to be in the house. These would be perfect for a crisp, modern look, but keep in mind that when redecorating, you’ll want to match your window dressings to the design of your living room. Budget Blinds recommends, using an array of stunning blinds, shades, shutters, or draperies can complement the design of your living room and can add the little extra something to spice it up.

We’re ready when you are

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Home renovation is a project that involves careful planning and preparation. Whether you’re starting from scratch or working on an old home, it’s always smart to make a plan first. We’ve put together a quick guide for focusing on your end goal and getting the job done.

Make a Detailed Plan

You’ll want to get a plan on paper before starting a renovation project. Consider charting out a blueprint and determining a budget. Finance Superhero suggest, “a wise rule of thumb when planning a renovation budget lies in estimating total project costs and adding 15-20%. Having this number up front also helps you be able to plan your project better.” There are a lot of things to think about from renovating your wall insulation to rearranging your furniture.

Many choose to take out loans; however, you should be sure that you can pay it off in the long run. Research your options before settling into a plan you’re not so sure about. If a family member can help, then your budget may be more flexible.

Pest Control

Although this may sound uncommon, it’s important to check for damage from pests before you start renovating. You’ll be moving around furniture and equipment that can damage the walls and expose holes where pests may live. Sage Pest Control cautions, “termites live underground and in walls, so most homeowners don’t even know they have a problem until there has been major damage.”

A trusted pest control business can find places in your home where you didn’t even know bugs would hide out. You’ll require a clean area before creating more mess in your house, and this can help to prevent any damage done by pests.

Safety First at All Times

You may want to tackle some renovation jobs by yourself, but it’s important to keep your health and safety in mind. Your family will benefit from a clean and safe home makeover as well. When hiring a professional team for the task, you may want to find a different place to stay. It will get noisy and messy inside your home, so a nice hotel room can be the best bet. SafeWise compares the two options, “the advantages of moving out are: avoid dust and noise, live comfortably without interference, usually shortens the project’s timeline, and gives you and your family a chance to go somewhere new. The advantages of staying in the house: usually it’s cheaper because hotels and other places add up quickly, can monitor and assist in the project, you are immediately available if the people doing it have questions or concerns, you can (sometimes) save money by still being able to cook at home.”

If you choose to stay in your house, then you can keep track of the progress and lend a hand if you’re able to. To stay extra safe, you can work around the construction schedule and plan for renovations when you’re at work. Shoes are necessary when walking around the house even if you can’t see any construction debris on the ground.

Home renovations can take time, so it’s necessary to plan ahead. Look to these three key tips for your success.

Some parts of a home renovation are best done by professionals, and when you’re in need of professional home renovation, contact Eddy’s Floors & Home Remodeling!

The garage is often a space that is neglected by homeowners and is used as a place to store holiday decorations or sporting equipment. Unfortunately, the setting can have a lack of appeal and look drab once clutter accumulates. If you’re looking to give your garage a facelift, there are a few ways to transform the setting to ensure that you make the most of it.

Add Cabinets for Storage

It can be easy for the garage to become cluttered due to miscellaneous items that sit out and are in plain sight. Make it a point to install cabinets in the garage for additional storage space where you can keep your personal belongings organized and concealed. Making use of vertical space that is available will allow you to free up extra space on the ground and create a more spacious environment. Use clear containers that are labeled for different items that are grouped together so that it’s easy to find what you need. Utilizing overhead space with racks that are mounted to the ceiling can also create a discrete area where storage is available.


Paint Your Garage

You can update your garage and allow it to look finished by applying a fresh coat of paint. Choose a neutral color shade that makes the garage look larger and brighter. It is important to choose the right paint for your garage so the scuffs and dirt that accumulate over time don’t show. Select paint that has oil or latex, which has an enamel finish that is durable and long-lasting to so that you don’t have to repaint the walls every few years.


Resurface the Garage Floor

The garage floor is one of the main features that contribute to the quality of the setting. Consider hiring a professional to resurface the garage floor to make over the cement and allow it to look new again. Sweeping out the garage and power washing the floor can also help create a clean and tidy setting for your belongings.


If you’re looking to improve the quality of your garage and give it a facelift, making a few changes can create a contemporary setting that is an extension of your home. You can get more use out of the space and prevent it from becoming cluttered by installing additional storage and using the right tools and materials.

For all of your flooring needs, keep Eddy’s Floors in mind!