Kitchens are the workroom of the house, and from time to time, they need a facelift. Appliances become outdated, cabinet doors become worn and countertops begin to look distressed. Floors in the kitchen take a beating when it comes to wear and tear. Plumbing and electrical upgrades are also topics for consideration when it comes to a kitchen renovation.

Avoid Worse Repairs

When putting together a punch list for a kitchen renovation, think about the elements you can’t see as well as the ones you can. Plumbing and electrical systems should be examined to determine if they indicate potential problems. The most severe damage to your home can come from a faulty pipe or a wiring issue. Check the flooring to make sure it is firm. Upgrades should circumvent problems in this area down the road. Be sure to budget properly for these upgrades with estimates from a contractor.

Dealing With Pests

You can find many pests behind appliances and near food. Rats and insects such as ants and roaches can find their way to the kitchen area and infiltrate it because of the food stored there. When renovating, look for access from the outside so that you can plug any entry points. Be sure the storage areas are sealed from pests to deter their access to the food. Check pipe holes in the kitchen since these are among the usual suspects for conduits. Install appliances in such a way that they can be moved for cleaning around and under them.

Creating Storage

Kitchens never seem to have enough storage, so consider ways to create better use of kitchen space. Backsplash areas can be used to hang cooking utensils, spices, pots and pans. Consider placing a cabinet over your refrigerator. A rolling island can provide an added working surface as well as storage. If space allows, add a pantry. Place shelving over a window to create extra storage. Even the ceiling can be used to install a rack for hanging pots and pans.

A practical redo in the kitchen can save headaches down the line. Eliminating pest problems is a great reward in your food area. Making sure your electrical and plumbing systems are in good repair can save you from waking up to a nightmare. Extra storage is always an advantage in keeping a kitchen properly organized as well as making it efficient to cook in. Remodeling is also a practical time to replace worn-out flooring and outdated appliances.

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